Bonneville Salt FlatsBrian Wayne Allen was born in Kansas City, Mo. But he grew up in the Panama Canal Zone where his father was a Tugboat Master for the Panama Canal. His mother was a secretary at Cristobal High School and matriarch of six kids. His first publication was a tongue in cheek sports report in the coast to coast Star and Herald. Brian went on to collect a BA and BSN at Washburn University in Topeka. He married his sweet wife Tucker and began to write for major motorcycle magazines such as Easyriders, Biker, V-Twin, and The Horse Backstreet Choppers. After 19 years as an RN he decided to turn the drive to write into a career and went back to Washburn University to polish his skills. Brian wrote for the Washburn Review, and a motorcycle column for the Prairie Perennial. He has written short stories that have been accepted by the literary journals, Inscape, Leaning House Press, and Little Balkans Review. He has published selected short stories through Kindle: Three Round Burst, Jungle Joyride, The Essential ABCs, and Five Coconuts. His memoir, My Paradise Lost: Misadventures to manhood in the Panama Canal Zone, is his debut paperback. Brian lives with his wife, Tucker, in Topeka, KS where he rebuilds old motorcycles and races them for Land Speed Records on the Bonneville Salt Flats.


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