Boot n Flower
A Plea For Creativity
The ease that we can cut and paste links onto facebook is making us stupid. Our throw away and buy new rather than repair anything is making us helplessly dependant. Where is the creativity to express a thought or the cleverness to repair something? I understand it’s human nature to take the easy path. Why formulate an original idea when you can go to a site that buttresses your personal prejudice and offers it up as convenient propaganda to cut and paste as your own?

To start with, spoon fed ideas dumb down original thought and creates marching morons. Laboring through the facts and figures might lead to original concepts and solutions. And I’m not just talking about politics. Religious posts are becoming quite sheepish as well. Don’t you think the creator of the universe would rather hear from your heart than have you click a mouse to paste a praise? Beautiful pictures are nice to share. But I’ll share a secret, they are even better to take.

We toss out the dinged, bent, and worn when we could patch, repair, and even build by hand. Not only is it costly and a waste of resources, it doesn’t engage the mind or make you handy. If making your life better and uplifting society isn’t motivation to use your brain, consider that come a true grinding economic depression or zombie apocalypse, the clever and resourceful will feast on your bones.

I’ve heard all the excuses; I’m not a writer, I’m not creative, I’m all thumbs. But the mind is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. There seems to be an undercurrent of fear, you can’t make a mistake, you have to be perfect, better to chant the words of others and buy new than write an awkward phrase, offer a clumsy prayer, take an out of focus picture, or build a wobbly chair. The hatin’ nay sayers might bruise your ego.

We are of tougher stuff than that. The doing is in the trying. If you can learn a single letter, you can learn two. Then words, sentences, and prose will follow. There are books, videos, classes and forums to lead you by the hand through any repair or build. If you suck it up, practice, and do the work, not only will you become more intelligent and skilled, you will be rewarded with a feeling of accomplishment that will warm your heart and strengthen your self image. Be a better person, make a better world, think, do, create.

The picture above was taken during a motorcycle ride on a bike I repaired. Untrained, I had to read the manual. I scavenged and traded for parts. Then took the time to appreciate the ride, find beauty along the road, and take a picture of it. This post might not be eloquent, the bike isn’t polished, and maybe the picture could be better framed. But it’s all original.


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