my-paradise-lost-small-425w3.jpgBrian Allen can’t go home again. There were no rich, no poor, and no unemployment in the Panama Canal Zone. Yet his utopian town was nullified by treaty, bulldozed to the ground, and the dead have been exhumed. Brian tells his story, warts and all, with humor and compassion. My Paradise Lost is about a boy growing to manhood in the last golden years of the Canal Zone, the turbulent ’60s and ’70s. It began as an innocent, Huck Finn in the rain forest existence, then got complicated. His township of Coco Solo was a blue collar world of mangoes and maids, exotica and history. Misadventure abounds, and the reader is there. Get lost in the swamp, tip a stripper, and poke the jaguar. Teen romance is awkward anywhere, prepare to blush. There is parental conflict, life, death, and the ghost of Jim Crow discrimination via nationality. At the best time of his life, Brian is involved in a fatal car accident that puts him in the custody of the intimidating Guardia Nacional. His fate rests in the courts of a dictatorship whose El Supremo is bent on sovereignty over his Canal Zone home. You will feel the tropical sun, splash in the canal, laughand ache for love, then cry for the dead. Photos and popular local recipes are included.

Available in paperback or kindle version at Amazon Books or order a signed copy through Paypal by clicking the link below.



2 thoughts on “My Paradise Lost

  1. Loved the book! You are close to my age, so your story was so relateable, as well as set during the timeframe I lived and grew up in “The Zone”. I lived on the Pacific side or I could swear I knew some of the people you wrote about! Took me back in time and space.

    • Thanks Kim. I have been blessed to hear that Zonians of both side and different ages relate to the stories. I guess there are many parallels to life in paradise. Statesiders are relating to the coming of age stories. Some things in life are universal.

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