Three Round Burst SmallThree Round Burst is a collection of military fiction. Combat is the great human drama and these stories put you in the bloody snow, nose deep in a rice paddy, and flying over the desert with a gernade clutched to your chest. The first, Don’t Kill the Messenger, is based on history. An army motorcycle currier witnesses the Malmedy Massacre and has to ride for his life during WWII’s Battle of the Bulge. The winter combat conditions are as deadly as the Nazi SS. The second story, Medic Up, was inspired by the legendary bravery of military medics and the struggles of gay serviceman who serve with honor. It is a story about a gay medic whose company is caught in a Viet Cong ambush and he has to face enemy fire to save his greatest antagonist. The third, A Hero Dies but Once, is a sci-fi tale of combat and intrigue that wonders what unfettered medical science can do to create the ultimate warrior. A fatally wounded Special Forces soldier is revived for one last mission to hunt Al Qaeda. Is he dead, or undead? We have the technology. To purchase, follow the home page menu to Brian’s Amamzon Page

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